Hey Mamas & Mamas-to-be! As a doula, wife, and mama of two girls under two, I value ANYTHING that can help make newborn life easier! Below are all the products that I couldn’t live without on that newborn grind! Scroll down to the bottom to see how I use them in everyday life… And by “everyday” I mean I use them EVERY-DAY-of-my-LIFE!

Mama's OMG Must-Haves for Newborns

  1. Milkies Milk Saver: I just put it under my nursing bra on whichever side my baby isn’t feeding on and it catches all the milk that would have been lost down my shirt during let down! Then when I’m done feeding her I pour what was saved into their 1oz milk trays that I can save for the future!!! Y’all I did not know about this product with my first and it has changed the game for me for good!!! Wow!
    Milkies Milk Saver
  2. Milk Saver Trays: The Milk Saver Trays allow me to divide my milk into 1 oz “sticks.” Once a tray is full, I dump the sticks into a gallon size ziplock bag for bulk storage. When my husband is ready to make a bottle, all he has to do is count the number of ounce sticks our daughter needs and put them in a milk storage bag to thaw them out to temp. It’s awesome for leaving our newborn with sitters as well because I can pre-portion out the sticks into milk storage bags and label the bags for the feeding times. Then all our sitter has to do is pull the correct feeding bag out of the freezer and thaw–no measuring, no guess work.
    Milk Saver Trays
  3. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover: This nursing cover goes everywhere with me! It allows me to nurse in public while maintaining some modesty. And most importantly, it has a bendable neckline at the top that creates a nice peek hole for seeing my baby while feeding as well as providing more air flow for my baby girl. Also it’s super cute!
    Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover
  4. Lalabu Soothe Shirt: This tank is called the “soothe shirt” by @lalabubaby and it has a front pouch that allows you to wear your baby!! I make a point to get out of the house with my two girls under 2 every day and not having to strap on a carrier or finagle a wrap sling every time we go somewhere is such a sanity saver! I only bought one and it was pricey $75 so I hand wash it and dry it at night so it’s always clean and ready the next day–it’s THAT awesome!! You literally just slip your baby down into your shirt! Oh yeah and it a nursing top! Today I brought my oldest Vienna to The Monkey’s Treehouse and I was able to nurse Lydia my 1 month old while she stayed in the pouch!
    Lalabu Soothe Shirt
  5. Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier: On the rare occasion that I’m not wearing my Lalabu Soothe Shirt, this K’tan Baby Carrier is my back up. It’s also what my husband uses to carry our baby. Both of my girls have loved being carried in it! And I find it to be really easy to load my baby into, as well as comfortable for my shoulders and back. Also, I love that it has a little pocket in the outer sash where I can store my phone and debit card when going into a store.
    Baby K'tan
  6. Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy: This diaper caddy is a vital part of our daily newborn routine. We keep wipes, diapers for both girls, burp cloths, pacifiers, nipple pads, lotion, our basic essential oil rollers, and butt paste in ours at all times. And we move it from room to room depending on where we’re camping out at the time so whatever we need is always close at hand. It has saved us during several diaper explosions and unexpected spit ups!
    Munchkin Diaper Caddy
  7. Lily Jade Diaper Bag: If you see me out with my girls, you WILL see my Lily Jade Bag! I can hardly talk to another mom without gushing on how gorgeous and functional it is! It comes with a unique diaper bag insert that allows me to leave the girl’s things together and organized when I drop them off with a caretaker, or when I’m going out and want to quickly convert the bag from diapering to purse. It has a backpack strap feature which allows me to go hands-free and is how I wear it every day. Yes–it is crazy expensive! $300! I literally took on a second job for a few months just to buy mine. But it was WORTH IT! I will have this bag for years and babies to come!
    Lily Jade Diaper Bag
  8. JJ Cole Car Seat Cover: I didn’t have this cover with my first and I don’t know how we survived without it. It can stay on your car seat at all times, even when locked into the car seat base. It comes with an easy zipper for getting your baby in and out and the flap serves as a nice insulating blanket to keep my girl warm but never too hot. And my favorite feature–the flap can fold all the way up to cover the window when we’re taking the carseat to the car in cold weather or rain so my baby girl is protected from the elements. Seriously, so genius! And it’s very affordable + it comes in a bunch of colors to pick from.
    JJ Cole Car seat Cover
  9. Delta Children Bassinet: Any bedside bassinet is useful, but this style is our favorite. I really value the hood that folds up, blocking any motion from her sight while we’re walking around the room. Also it comes on wheels so we can move it around as needed, and there’s an attachment that plays gentle music and has a soothing vibration feature to help ease your baby to sleep. The storage underneath is great too! We keep our swaddles and burp cloths there. My babies sleep in the bassinet until they are 4 months old at which point we transfer them to their crib.
    Delta Children Bassinet
  10. Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer: I’ve had this bouncer for both of our girls as well. In fact I am currently using my foot to bounce my newborn to sleep while I type this. The great thing about it is how portable it is, and it vibrates and plays music to help soothe. My newborn loves chilling in it and it’s nice and upright to help with reflux.
    Fisher-Price Bouncer
  11. Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing: I’ve seen a lot of fancy expensive swings–but this guy blows them all out of the water! The music and swing features are great of course, but what sets it apart is the mirror with rotating birds to keep my girl entertained–AND most importantly, the ability to change the swinging positions from forward facing to either side as well! Sometimes if my baby is having trouble soothing in the forward facing position, simply readjusting the swing to one of the other options does the trick!
    Fisher-Price Snugabunny Swing
  12. SwaddleMe Original Swaddles: I know there are a lot of good swaddles out there, but these are the ones I’ve used with both girls. They’ve never slipped over their faces like others can and the double velcro keeps their arms nice and snug to prevent any escape action. My 7 week old gets swaddled every night and is currently sleeping 6-8 hours a night! I’m not saying it’s all because of the swaddles, but I’m not saying it’s NOT all because of the swaddles either;-)
    SwaddleMe Swaddles
  13. Pacifier Clips: Thank you thank you to whoever invented the pacifier clip! I keep one on the shoulder pad of the carseat strap, one in my purse, and one clipped on to my baby’s onsie. Needless to say we are never without a paci, and because they’re secure, they never get dropped on the nasty floor when we’re out and about. My oldest daughter never took to the paci, but my youngest loves her paci (and she is happily and exclusively breastfed so it has not interfered with that at all)!
    Pacifier Clips

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover
JJ Cole Car Seat Cover JJ Cole Car Seat Cover JJ Cole Car Seat Cover
Lily Jade Diaper Bag Delta Bassinet SwaddleMe Swaddles Milkies Milk Saver & Tray Milkies Milk Saver & Tray
Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy Fisher-Price Bouncer & Swing
Baby K'tan Wrap
Lalabu Soothe Shirt

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