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Birth Doula:
*Madriella Certified
*DONA International Pre-Certified

Provides evidence based information & in-person support to promote the optimal birth experience for birth mom, partner & baby. In modern American birth culture, even the best meaning Doctors & Midwives are often unable to invest the kind of one-on-one prenatal attention it takes to fully equip birth mamas & their partners for the life changing experience of childbirth and postpartum. I believe that a truly AMAZING birth experience must be approached from a much wider & wholistic perspective than just labor and delivery. As a Birth Doula, I developed a unique “4-Session Doula Plan” out of all my research, training, and experiences to help my clients thoroughly prepare for their birth & postpartum. I specialize in assisting birth mamas & partners seeking euphoric, fear-free, pain-free natural childbirth (yes… REALLY!). However, I approach ALL birth from an entirely nonjudgmental stance. I don’t care if you choose natural, epidural, hospital, home, c-section, or out in a meadow of daisies. All that matters to me as a birth doula is that you are properly educated on all your options, that you are assisted in clearing any fears surrounding birth, that you & your partner feel thoroughly empowered for your chosen birth experience, and that all your desires are respected and protected while you are in your most vulnerable state during the birth itself.

How To Be Your Own Doula-

Can’t afford a doula but want the empowerment of birth coaching!? Want to ROCK your birth within the intimacy of just you and your partner?! Here’s my full “4-Session Doula Plan” that I guide my Doula clients through, laid out step by step with talking points, resource links, coping tools & techniques, and homework to educate & empower! I believe this information should be FREE for everyone! You got this mama!
Total Cost: FREE!

Prenatal Birth Coaching – Birth Doula Package

This option is for those who would like access to private in-person training through my “4-Session Doula Plan,” but who would ultimately would prefer the actual birth experience to stay between just them and their birth partner. Each session is two-hours in length and I can come to you for daytime or evening sessions depending on what works best for your schedule. One invaluable perk of my in-person training is the hands-on demonstration through each of the coping tools & techniques as well as access to my personal collection of tools (sanitized & prepped) & therapeutic grade essential oils for use in your birth. This rental alone is over a $400 value. I also offer every pregnant mama (because you deserve it!) a “Congrats Mama Survival Basket” FREE upon every Interview! The basket includes a Warren’s Post Bone Broth (made locally by another amazing mama friend and her husband!), Ginger Chews to help with nausea, a Clary Sage essential oil roller to promote balanced pregnancy hormones, and dark chocolate for the indulgence and the antioxidants 🙌🏼

Includes initial interview w/ “Congrats Mama Survival Basket”

Session 1:
 Birth Framing
Session 2: Fear-Clearing
Session 3: The Birth Plan
Session 3.5: Coping Tools & Techniques
Session 4: Postpartum
+ Continuous direct access to me via phone or e-mail
Total Cost: $500
– Half-down upon hiring to secure availability (circumstantial refunds possible)
– Flexible payment options available for remaining cost

On Call Birth Doula – Birth Doula Package

Includes everything in the Prenatal Birth Coaching Package
+ 10% Discount off ALL Postpartum Doula Packages
+ On call availability for whenever your time of labor begins
+ Assistance in tracking birth waves
+ Assistance in deciding when to call the midwife or head to hospital
+ Assistance in filling your birth pool (if birthing at home)
+ Assistance in helping you settle into the hospital or birth center
+ Advocating your desired birth plan to the OB, nurses, or midwife and reminding all medical staff of your priorities
+ If circumstances should change during the birth, I will help you ask important informed consent questions to make sure you understand your choices and can make an informed decision
+ Hands-on implementation of each coping tool to help you find your optimal method of comfort during each birth wave
+ Support with words of encouragement, birth mantras, and affirmations
+ Assistance in empowering your birth partner before & during the birth experience
+ Making sure everyone is staying fed and hydrated
+ Giving the father or partner a rest periodically
+ If you like, I’ll even do my best to snap a few photos if you haven’t hired a photographer, or if your photographer hasn’t arrived
+ Assistance in tidying up post-home-birth so you and your partner can focus on your new baby–includes laundry, dishes, and general tidy-up
+ Assistance with your first round of breastfeeding
+ Giving you the sacred space you need after your baby is born to bond
+ When you are ready, I will also come do an in-home postpartum debrief to process your birth experience together
+ Continuous access to me via phone or e-mail
Total Cost: $1,000
– Half-down upon hiring to secure availability (circumstantial refunds possible)
– Flexible payment options available for remaining cost

Postpartum Doula:
*Madriella Certified 

Provides evidence based information & in-home support to promote optimal infant feeding, healthy sleep patterns, mother’s emotional & physical recovery from birth, mother-baby bonding, infant soothing, and general family care. In many parts of the world, in-home postpartum care is a health industry standard. The payoffs range from lower infant mortality and postpartum depression rates to an improved general happiness for both parents and other children in the family.

All visits last 4hrs and begin with a time of discussion to help identify which areas need the most attention. Areas of support may include:

  • 3 hot nutritious dinners provided by me for the first three visits
  • Creating a Meal Train calendar link to share with friends and family
  • Processing the birth experience
  • Mother’s physical recovery from childbirth
  • Assistance with latch and positioning while breast or bottle feeding
  • Preparing/cleaning pump supplies or bottles
  • Emotional adjustment to parenthood
  • Helping parents understand babies’ cues
  • Soothing techniques for gassy & colicky babies
  • Demonstration of newborn care–diapering, bathing, trimming nails, swaddling, & baby wearing
  • Assisting with care of older siblings & pets
  • Light housekeeping–dishes, laundry, tidying, running errands
  • Meal preparation for mother & family
  • Providing resources and referrals within your community
  • Organization of home and nursery
  • Screening for postpartum mood disorders
  • Creating a nurturing and peaceful home environment for family
  • Childcare when mother & partner want to bathe, nap, or spend time quality time with each other or their older children

“Welcome Home Gift Basket” (FREE upon first postpartum visit)

  • 28 Organic Postpartum Padcicles- Prepared with Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Aloe Vera, & Lavender
  • 2 Organic Postpartum Herb Baths- Full recipe here
  • Warren’s Post Bone Broth (Organic & Locally sourced) for optimal postpartum replenishment of collagen, gut-healing proteins, & minerals
  • 1 “Sleep Tight” Essential Oil roller for bedtime routine- Made with Therapeutic Grade Lavender, Frankincense, and Fractionated Coconut oil
  • 1 “Mama Love” Essential Oil roller for mama’s emotional well-being- Made with Therapeutic Grade Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Wild Orange

One Week Home- Postpartum Package

Includes initial interview
+ The “Welcome Home Gift Basket”
+ Three 4-hour weeknight visits from 6-10pm
+ One 4-hour weekend day visit
+ Continuous direct access to me via phone or email
Total hours: 16
Total Cost: $500
Total Cost with Birth Doula Discount: $450
– Half-down upon hiring to secure availability (circumstantial refunds possible)
– Flexible payment options available for remaining cost

One Month Home- Postpartum Package 

Includes everything from the One Week Home package above
+ Two 4-hour weeknight visits from 6-10pm for the following week
+ One 4-hour weeknight visit for the remaining 2 weeks after
+ 1 refill of the “Welcome Home Gift Basket”
Total hours: 40
Cost: $1,000
Total Cost with Birth Doula Discount: $900
– Half-down upon hiring to secure availability (circumstantial refunds possible)
– Flexible payment options available for remaining cost

I would be honored to serve you & your family in this most sacred time. Please fill out the form below to contact me with questions or to schedule an in-person interview. To ensure on-call availability for my birth & postpartum mamas, I can only book one or two clients at a time within estimated due dates. For this reason, it is best to begin the discussion of hiring my services as soon as possible so that I may secure your window of need. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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