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How To Be Your Own Doula-

Can’t afford a doula but want the empowerment of birth coaching!? Want to ROCK your birth within the intimacy of just you and your partner?! Here’s my full “4-Session Doula Plan” that I guide my Doula clients through, laid out step by step with resource links, coping tools & techniques, and homework to educate & empower! I believe this information should be FREE for everyone!

Prenatal Birth Coaching – Birth Doula Package

This option is for those who would like access to private in-person training through my “4-Session Doula Plan,” but who would ultimately would prefer the actual birth experience to stay between just them and their birth partner. Each session is two-hours in length and I can come to you for daytime or evening sessions depending on what works best for your schedule. One invaluable perk of my in-person training is the hands-on demonstration through each of the coping tools & techniques as well as access to my personal collection of tools (sanitized & prepped) & therapeutic grade essential oils for use in your birth. This rental alone is over a $400 value. I also offer every pregnant mama (because you deserve it!) a “Congrats Mama Survival Basket” FREE upon every Interview! The basket includes a Warren’s Post Bone Broth (made locally by another amazing mama friend and her husband!), Ginger Chews to help with nausea, a Clary Sage essential oil roller to promote balanced pregnancy hormones, and dark chocolate for the indulgence and the antioxidants 🙌🏼

Includes initial interview w/ “Congrats Mama Survival Basket”

Session 1:
 Birth Framing
Session 2: Fear-Clearing
Session 3: The Birth Plan
Session 3.5: Coping Tools & Techniques
Session 4: Postpartum
+ Continuous direct access to me via phone or e-mail
Total Cost: $500
– Half-down upon hiring to secure availability (circumstantial refunds possible)
– Flexible payment options available for remaining cost

On Call Birth Doula – Birth Doula Package

Includes everything in the Prenatal Birth Coaching Package
+ 10% Discount off ALL Postpartum Doula Packages
+ On call availability for whenever your time of labor begins
+ Assistance in tracking birth waves
+ Assistance in deciding when to call the midwife or head to hospital
+ Assistance in filling your birth pool (if birthing at home)
+ Assistance in helping you settle into the hospital or birth center
+ Advocating your desired birth plan to the OB, nurses, or midwife and reminding all medical staff of your priorities
+ If circumstances should change during the birth, I will help you ask important informed consent questions to make sure you understand your choices and can make an informed decision
+ Hands-on implementation of each coping tool to help you find your optimal method of comfort during each birth wave
+ Support with words of encouragement, birth mantras, and affirmations
+ Assistance in empowering your birth partner before & during the birth experience
+ Making sure everyone is staying fed and hydrated
+ Giving the father or partner a rest periodically
+ If you like, I’ll even do my best to snap a few photos if you haven’t hired a photographer, or if your photographer hasn’t arrived
+ Assistance in tidying up post-home-birth so you and your partner can focus on your new baby–includes laundry, dishes, and general tidy-up
+ Assistance with your first round of breastfeeding
+ Giving you the sacred space you need after your baby is born to bond
+ When you are ready, I will also come do an in-home postpartum debrief to process your birth experience together
+ Continuous access to me via phone or e-mail
Total Cost: $1,000
– Half-down upon hiring to secure availability (circumstantial refunds possible)
– Flexible payment options available for remaining cost

Postpartum Doula:

All visits last 4hrs and begin with a time of discussion to help identify which areas need the most attention. Areas of support may include:

  • 3 crockpot freezer meals for the first three visits (I can deliver frozen or cooked with enough notice)
  • Creating a Meal Train calendar link to share with friends and family
  • Processing the birth experience
  • Mother’s physical recovery from childbirth
  • Assistance with latch and positioning while breast or bottle feeding
  • Preparing/cleaning pump supplies or bottles
  • Emotional adjustment to parenthood
  • Helping parents understand babies’ cues
  • Soothing techniques for gassy & colicky babies
  • Demonstration of newborn care–diapering, bathing, trimming nails, swaddling, & baby wearing
  • Assisting with care of older siblings & pets
  • Light housekeeping–dishes, laundry, tidying, running errands, etc.
  • Meal preparation for mother & family
  • Providing resources and referrals within your community
  • Organization of home and nursery
  • Screening for postpartum mood disorders
  • Creating a nurturing and peaceful home environment for family
  • Childcare when mother & partner want to bathe, nap, or spend time quality time with each other or their older children

“Welcome Home Gift Basket” (FREE upon first postpartum visit)

  • 28 Organic Postpartum Padcicles- Prepared with Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Aloe Vera, & Lavender
  • 2 Organic Postpartum Herb Baths- Full recipe here
  • Warren’s Post Bone Broth (Organic & Locally sourced) for optimal postpartum replenishment of collagen, gut-healing proteins, & minerals
  • 1 “Sleep Tight” Essential Oil roller for bedtime routine- Made with Therapeutic Grade Lavender, Frankincense, and Fractionated Coconut oil
  • 1 “Joyful Mama” Essential Oil roller for mama’s emotional well-being- Made with Therapeutic Grade Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Wild Orange

One Week Home- Postpartum Package

Includes initial interview
+ The “Welcome Home Gift Basket”
+ Three 4-hour weeknight visits from 6-10pm
+ One 4-hour weekend day visit
+ Continuous direct access to me via phone or email
Total hours: 16
Total Cost: $500
Total Cost with Birth Doula Discount: $450
– Half-down upon hiring to secure availability (circumstantial refunds possible)
– Flexible payment options available for remaining cost

One Month Home- Postpartum Package 

Includes everything from the One Week Home package above
+ Two 4-hour weeknight visits from 6-10pm for the following week
+ One 4-hour weeknight visit for the remaining 2 weeks after
+ 1 refill of the “Welcome Home Gift Basket”
Total hours: 40
Cost: $1,000
Total Cost with Birth Doula Discount: $900
– Half-down upon hiring to secure availability (circumstantial refunds possible)
– Flexible payment options available for remaining cost

I would be honored to serve you & your family in this most sacred time. Please fill out the form below to contact me with questions or to schedule an in-person interview. To ensure on-call availability for my birth & postpartum mamas, I can only book one or two clients at a time within estimated due dates. For this reason, it is best to begin the discussion of hiring my services as soon as possible so that I may secure your window of need. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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