The Nest

1 Question Before Renovating

1 Question Homebuyers MUST Ask Before Renovating!

It goes without saying that renovations take a lot of planning and budgeting! It’s biblical. You do not want to break ground until you have fully counted all the costs. There are 3 basic categories in home renovations that need to be considered in planning mode: “the bones”, “the cosmetics”, and “the add-ons.” The bones […] Read more…

The House Story

The House: Babies, bones & going broke

My husband and I married a year to the day after our first date. We held our wedding in the front yard of a 650 square foot barn apartment we lived in exchange for my work as a homeschool teacher.¬†Another year later, we were pregnant (SURPRISE!). While we weren’t planning on having a baby so […] Read more…